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Card instant deposit feature no longer works.

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Card instant deposit feature no longer works.

A few months ago my PayPal account was compromised and was then used to purchase something on eBay. I immediately unlinked all of my cards and my banks, then proceeded to dispute the case. I was refunded in full, however ever since then the PayPal service has been absolute garbage for me. For the longest time, I was not able to link any of my cards or banks back so I eventually just closed my entire account. Upon creating a new account, I added my card back, but now it is not available for instant deposit. Also, I cannot add my bank account back either. It does not show any error message, nor does it tell me whats wrong. This is infuriating because all I want to do is have a SAFE way to connect online accounts and my bank together, but apparently I just can't do that anymore. Does anyone have suggestions? My bank says there is nothing wrong on their end, and I know for A FACT that I was able to deposit money to them at some point.


Re: Card instant deposit feature no longer works.

This feature has apparently been eliminated.  I also cannot add a bank account - I've tried several times, and there's no error message or reason why it won't work, it just takes me to a page telling me something went wrong, try again later - but it never works.  

If they're going to take a feature away, I'd just like to know it's been taken away or a reason why a process they still have in place won't work.