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Cant withdraw money

New Community Member

Cant withdraw money

Hey, i cannot withdraw money and send it to my credit card and i really need it. Ive been trying 2 days and nothing. Im beginning to be a little desperate honestly
PayPal Employee

Re: Cant withdraw money

Hi @betty97


Good day! I hope all is well. Thank you for using community forum to be heard.


If you are getting an error message when trying to transfer money to your bank, it could be because:


You have a limitation placed in your PayPal account.
You may need to go through a security check, so we can confirm your identity.
Your debit card or bank account may not be eligible to process Instant Transfer.
Our security system may have detected unusual activity.


If the transfer to your bank account still doesn’t go through, try:


Linking an eligible debit card and transferring money using this card.
Linking a bank account and transferring money using this account.
Getting a PayPal Cash card for direct access to your PayPal account balance.
Requesting a check to be mailed to you (there is a fee for check withdrawals).


Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
Stay Blessed!