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Cannot re-add my bank for almost 1 month


Cannot re-add my bank for almost 1 month

Why a big & famous financial service like you cannot fix this little problem in short time??? Almost 1month, Why i still cannot re-add my bank account that paypal sudden removed it from my account without any permission or prior confirmation with me?? Always got this warning : " We were unable to process your bank account registration at this time. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date " I have contacted customer service very often or every 48 hours. On a call Your customer services named katrina said she will pass my problem to your engineering team almost 2 weeks ago but today i still have same problem until now. I also have told her & other person via message & call if i dont have anyone else who i can trust with my money, i dont have another bank account & i cannot afford to open new one but she still send me message with a suggestion to transfer my money to a friend. Sound she didnt listen to me when she called me. 1. Not everyone have someone else who they can trust with their money. 2. Not everyone have much money to open more than 1 bank at same time. Open a new bank require minimum balance which i dont have it now. Why did your team always call me at wrong time although i have told them what time is suitable to call me in my reply which they have read it & answered me???? Your team asked me first when they could called me.
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Re: Cannot re-add my bank for almost 1 month



Did you have a failed bank transfer or negative balance at the time of the bank removal?

If so then paypal would disable that bank to stop the risk of it happening again and require you to use a card as its safer (for paypal) and won't result in failed transfers.

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