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Cannot link new card

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Cannot link new card

I have been trying to add a new MasterCard to my account. I follow all steps and I validate the 1 euro debit amount that PayPal asks in order to validate my card. After all these, I get an in-app notification that my card has been added successfully. However, when I go to the “cards and banks” section of my account, the card does not appear there. At the same time I also receive an email saying that PayPal could not verify the information that I have provided. I entre the card number correctly and the billing address is also valid and same as it appears in my bank. What can I do to solve that ?
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Re: Cannot link new card


As you have not added your country to your profile (so we can see when we hover over your username) or said in your post which country you are in then sadly can't advise.
Paypal varies a great deal country to country so you need to tell us where you are on this worldwide community forum.

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.