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Cannot add money to PayPal balance.


Cannot add money to PayPal balance.

Hello, I am currently having an issue regarding my PayPal balance. I have recently turned 18 years old and PayPal sent me an email letting me know that my account access has been restored. I logged on to see that my money was waiting for me and I clicked the "Collect Your Money" button. Then a window popped up saying that I need to confirm my info to put the money into my PayPal balance. I have already provided my info in the past, so when I click the button that says "Confirm Info" it says that they are checking my information and they will review it within 2-3 business days. I have waited a little more than 2-3 business days and I still cannot add my money to my PayPal balance. What should I do to fix this issue that I am currently having? Thanks!


Re: Cannot add money to PayPal balance.

This is still an issue that I am having.


Re: Cannot add money to PayPal balance.

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Unfortunately, we cannot take any direct action on accounts or provide specific information through contacts on this platform for data protection reasons. If you still have not received any updates please contact our support directly, as it should have been resolved by now. You will find the contact detail in the Help section of your account.