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Cannot Claim Money

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Cannot Claim Money

Hi all,


My issue is pretty straight-forward and one I've been having for about a month now. After receiving a donation from my twitch stream from someone who used a credit card, my entire paypal balance has essentially been locked. Rather than having an actual balance on my summary page I have this message. 



When I click "Claim It" I can choose to transfer it to a bank, or keep it in paypal. 


When I choose to keep it in Paypal, I am given a message that my "information is under review" and I will be emailed in 2-3 business days. I have done this numerous times in the past month and have never received a single email. 


Transferring it to a bank works but I would rather be able to use my paypal balance itself (which is the entire reason I have paypal), as I have for over two years now, and am a bit uncomfortable having a bank account linked to my paypal. I linked an account to get my money out, left it linked for about three weeks, and then unlinked it again as it made no difference in being able to claim my money at all. 


I need my paypal balance to be able to pay for things such as my Adobe CC and Lynda subscriptions (I am a college student). 


Can anyone think of a way to make it so I can actually use the money I have in paypal again? Or am I better off just giving up on this?


Thank you so much in advance

Volunteer Advisor

Re: Cannot Claim Money



Linking a bank and credit card and/or providing a SSN verifies your PayPal account. PayPal has a policy now of checking the identities of all PayPal accounts due to anti-money laundering/US patriot act regulations so they need to review your account info which they are doing now. If you are squeamish about adding credit cards and bank accounts, then you might as well close your account because it will cause delays, and account performance problems, or worse permanently banned from PayPal. Users sometime remove accounts and don't add a new ones so the process starts all over again with PayPal reviewing their account.  The choice is yours ultimately.

Kudos & problem resolved are greatly appreciated. Smiley Happy