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Cancelled payments and refunds??

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Cancelled payments and refunds??

I recently sent some money to a friend via PayPal to pay for a pair of tickets on one occasions and then to cover a day out on the other. Both payments were cancelled because they were eCheques and would have taken to long to go through so I paid her in cash or by bank transfer. I checked the other day, however, and the money for both payments has gone out of my account but haven’t turned up anywhere else. Am I gonna get my money back? Because it was a reasonable amount going out and, if I’m honest, I’m kinda worried I’m not gonna see the funds again.
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Re: Cancelled payments and refunds??



You cancelled the transaction but that does not cancel any authorised and already processing payments.


When you cancel a payment those funds can't do a u-turn > they have to process through to paypal who will then either return them to your funding source (if you paid with a debit or credit card), or credit your paypal balance (if it was funded from your balance or instant bank transfer), but that takes a few days and sometimes up to a week.

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