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Can't withdraw money to Revolut


Can't withdraw money to Revolut

Hey, I've come across a weird problem and I have no idea where to start.

I know that PayPal doesn't really like Revolut which is why these problems occur, but I'm wondering if anyone ever came across the same thing.

So, I'm trying to withdraw $50 from my PayPal balance to my Revolut account/card. When I click on "Transfer Funds" it gives me 2 options:
Instant transfer and Standard transfer. I'm not really in a rush so I chose the Standard option. 
When I link the card I want the funds to be transferred to (don't really know why I have to link a card that has already been verified in my wallet but whatever), I get the error message saying "Your Card isn't eligible for instant transfers, try choosing the standard option instead."
This is very odd to me because I never selected the "Instant transfer" option, only the standard one. I get the same exact error message if I actually try the Instant option, and if I try linking both my virtual and physical cards. Still the same error message.
I have also tried to link the actual Revolut bank account but it's a no-go, for some reason PayPal says the IBAN is incorrect which is most certainly not true.

I hope someone has some words of wisdom for this.



Re: Can't withdraw money to Revolut

I found the solution.

I could not withdraw to my MasterCard Revolut, but I can withdraw to my virtual Visa Revolut Card.