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Can’t send money to friends and family

New Community Member

Can’t send money to friends and family

Hi all I need to money to a relative. However, when clicking on Send & Request, I don’t get the option of sending money to Friends & Family. I get the option to pay a seller only.

Volunteer Advisor

Re: Can’t send money to friends and family



Looks like Mauritius accounts can't send friends and family payments.  Can only shop and checkout online or make goods and service payments.

You can send them a goods ands services payment and if PayPal puts a hold on the payment, they'll have to click "add tracking" and select an order status and then tell you to confirm receipt on your end of the transaction to release funds to them.

Look at the Personal menu at the top. There is nothing to promote sending friends and family payments.

Kudos & problem resolved are greatly appreciated. 🙂