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Can't choose my paypal balance to pay


Can't choose my paypal balance to pay

Hello PayPal community, I hope y'all doing good


Lately, in the last two week, I faced this issue in PayPal, I don't have the choice to select my PayPal balance to pay, I did go to settings>payments>Your preferrepayment-choice.jpgd way to pay> I only see my two credit cards no choice for selecting PayPal balance as my preferred way to pay, I only see two choices my two credit cards.

Could some help me with this, I'm stuck in this situation called PayPal customer service many time no solutions, I really want to use my PayPal balance.


Thank you

New Community Member

Re: Can't choose my paypal balance to pay

This is a tech issue as there is a sustem issue blocking ur account from sendine and need to be lifted call paypal support and they xan help u lift this limitation