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Can't add a new savings account


Can't add a new savings account

I tried to add a savings account to my PayPal account.  I have many accounts already including a savings account.  When I add it, I follow all the directions and sometimes get a verification text message but I can never add the account.  It either tells me there is an internal error or just goes back to the first step of adding routing and account numbers.


I tried adding it multiple times on the web and in the Android app, adding it to my personal and business accounts, adding it as a checking account and a savings account, and waiting before hitting submit.  This is really not acceptable that a simple feature breaks.


Re: Can't add a new savings account

Hi @artlytical_dave,


I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble linking your bank. If you're encountering the same issue and still unable to link your bank please contact customer service for assistance.


To contact customer service, please click Contact at the bottom of the PayPal website for available options, or reach out by PM on Facebook or DM on Twitter,