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Can't Connect Bank Card or Contact PayPal Email Support

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Can't Connect Bank Card or Contact PayPal Email Support

Hello, to start with I DID try contacting PayPal through email, but the button to send the email support message was not working on the app, the mobile website or the regular website. So this is the 4th time I've had to do this. This time I'm just copying and pasting because I'm beyond fustrated and don't feel like writing again. If anyone has some advice on what to do here, I'd be glad to know.



 Hello, I am having trouble adding my bank debit card to paypal. I a member of Chime banking services (THE BANKCORP BANK) and was able to attach my checking account via routing and account number just fine.

I was attempting to send money via a link, however, when trying to, I was told I had to use a debit card; bank accounts weren't an option available (which is rather aggravating and not convenient at all, I might add). So I tried adding my Chime bank debit card [multiple times, in multiple ways] and each time was given a prompt saying my card wasn't able to be added or used. This has become a major inconvenience by far. Why wouldn't my DEBIT CARD that is tied to a bank account be allowed to be added? Even if it was a prepaid, it's still a debit card with an expiration date, a balance, a card number, and a CVV number; there is no reason that it should not be accepted for transactions even if it doesn't get added as a payment method to my account.

I've been trying for a couple days to do this and don't have time to wait for money to go into my paypal balance from my checking account. Not to mention I typed a whole message through your app to send and the "Send message" button was not functioning, tried your mobile site and same problem. So maybe have your techs look into that? Makes this even worse of an experience.)

What do you all plan to do to fix this? It's far beyond unacceptable that an "industry leader for online transactions," can't seem to do what it's made for. I await your SPEEDY response and full fix to this issue.

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Re: Can't Connect Bank Card or Contact PayPal Email Support



Its probably a conflict of interest because PayPal has Bancorp Bank products so its probably why you can't add the Chime card. PayPal has the PayPal Prepaid Mastercard and the tiered-rate saving account provided and serviced by Bancorp Bank.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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Re: Can't Connect Bank Card or Contact PayPal Email Support

@sharpiemarkerThanks for replying, but I don't see how either of those two products would be a conflict of interest for using your BankCorp Debit card through PayPal. As the bank account wouldn't affect the prepaid Mastercards; you could have a Chime card for a BankCorp bank account and a PayPal MasterCard for a PayPal balance? So, that kinda pushes that theory out.


As for the tiered-rate savings accounts, that still wouldn't affect it either because of being two different services. Whether I connect my Chime bank card to PayPal or not I could still have a PayPal tiered-savings account that PayPal works through BankCorp for servicing of; then separate savings account through BankCorp itself. They would gain interest and use independently, so their items should not in any way affect each other. That's almost like comparing Amazon and Target stores. They're online retail competitors to each other, yet Target still sells Amazon Alexas, fireTV, and more that would allow their competitors to do better. In all reality, just like Paypal, Target, by offering services of a competitor, make extra money off the venture from the sales/use of maintaining place alongside Amazon.


Again thanks for replying, I appreciate it, but I personally don't think that's quite it. Regards.


Re: Can't Connect Bank Card or Contact PayPal Email Support

I have the same or very similar problem with PayPal.  I can't link my new credit card or make a payment to PayPal with it.  Email and Chat are useless, but I did call and was told that PayPal (not my credit card company) declined that perfectly valid credit card for some phony reason that the agent said was for "security."  He also confessed that lots of people have this problem with PayPal, so I'm not unique!  Great.  PayPal is useless to me.