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Can not link my Revolut USD account

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Can not link my Revolut USD account

I wanted to link my USD Revolut account to my PayPal to withdraw my USD without converting it to GBP.
I fill the sort code and account number boxes and when I try to proceed, PP shows me the information:
'Please check your information and try again.'

I don't know what I do wrong.
I use my IBAN that Revolut gave me and I follow the instructions:
first 6 numbers after bank name for sort code,

last 8 for account number.

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Re: Can not link my Revolut USD account



I wouldn't bother with this. Its not going to work or won't work for long because it is not an actual US bank account, just a USD virtual bank account. There's a difference.


PayPal will always convert currencies different to local currency on withdrawals and the best way to work with different currencies in PayPal is to create currencies balances to receive and hold different the currencies and then you can request and send in those currencies by switching your primary currency.


When you had enough of holding different currencies, you must convert them to your local/primary currency and withdraw them to local card or bank account.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂