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Can anyone see the conversion rate before buying crypto.

New Community Member

Can anyone see the conversion rate before buying crypto.

The FAQ about Crypto on PayPal states "When buying and selling crypto, there is a transaction fee and a currency conversion spread, which is included in the exchange rate. You'll see the transaction fee and final exchange rate before confirming any purchase or sale of crypto."  


However, when I bought crypto, I was never given an opportunity to see what the crypto price was before confirming and PayPal used a conversion rate that was much higher than the market price.  For example, I bought etherum when it was about $2,997 (5/2/21 @ 9:20ish pm)   -- it had never in its history been over $3k at that point but after the transaction was done, I went into my history and saw that PayPal used a price of $3,013.72 as the conversion rate.  


Does anyone see the conversion rate that will be used before purchasing?  I feel like they are tricking people and i'm extremely annoyed to say the least.