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Can NOT access an account, wrong email


Can NOT access an account, wrong email


I have an account with Paypal for many years and used the same email. 

Since a month a go or so I can't reach that account due that it is telling me that the "email is wrong", it is NOT recognizing my email. I am using the same email as always and the email is ok.  I have money deposited into that account which I can't access.

I tried to call the phone service but for no avail. I cant send any email due that I can't access the account.

So I have to open a new account with a different new email, which is the one I am using to write this email.

What can I do to recover the moneys deposited in my old account and to transfer them to this new email account?

I do appreciate it very much any advice or communication from the Paypal people to recover the money deposited into that account or to recover the account itself making to work that email.

Thank you



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Re: Can NOT access an account, wrong email


Very strange problem.


Are you sure you type the email address correctly?


Try this:


If still not working, keep trying to call PayPal. Call early, during business hours.


Click Help > Password and accounts > Login Problems

Scroll down to bottom and click Call Us.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂