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Bank withdraw problem


Bank withdraw problem

Hi, I have a problem with withdrawing from my Paypal to my bank account. I've linked the bank account successfully to my Paypal but when I'm trying to withdraw to it, it gives me an error "Sorry, but we need more information. Please contact Customer Service for assistance." I've tried to contact the support whole week but it looks like they don't respond. And there's no place to check the status of the ticket or anything it just give a message like ah we've sent your email to support it will take 24 hours and that's it it's been now 4 days!



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Re: Bank withdraw problem



You can't add a local bank account in your country.
You can only add a linked card.
The only exception is you can add a U.S bank account to other countries paypal accounts. This is because Paypal is a U.S company.

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Re: Bank withdraw problem

That's an U.S bank account, not a local bank account. I just wanna contact the support to solve the issue but they don't respond at all 😕 


Re: Bank withdraw problem

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Please review this link for more information on how to add a US bank account -


- Siobhan