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Bank to PP-PP to Bank

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Bank to PP-PP to Bank

Hello, i am new to paypal and am not 100%sure how to handle it, i recently topped up my Paypal account through ideal with my bankaccount, when this money arrived it had some email thing on it and it said Media Medics.B.V. Later on i decided i needed the money back on my bankaccount, so i clicked on th refund button that i found in the payment, it said it was refunded and the money has been withdrawn but it doesnt arrive on my bankaccount, it just says Media Medics. Have i just given money to MM? Plez help Thank you
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Re: Bank to PP-PP to Bank



Paypal is 'country specific' so advice often depends on what country you are in. As you have not added your country to your community profile or said in your post then we can't help at the moment.

Advice is VOLUNTARILY given.
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