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Bank/Debit Card


Bank/Debit Card

Hello readers! I just wanted to ask about debit/bank process because I am really confused by the answers I read from searching in google. I have linked my bank account and it says, 'Checking' so I do not know whether is it already verified or not, but if it is already verified, the problem is my bank account is a savings account. I haven't received any small deposit from paypal but I received an email saying I successfully linked my bank to my paypal account.

Now, another thing that I am very confused is that, can I buy online using linked debit/bank account as payment method or do I have to add funds first to my paypal balance? And somehow, I couldn't find my linked bank/debit as a payment method other than my credit card and paypal balance in, 'Change your preferred payment method'.


Please help me for those who knows exactly the correct answer. I really need a helping hand right now.

Thank you.