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Bank Confirmation not working

New Community Member

Bank Confirmation not working

OK, this is beyond infuriating.  Why can't PayPal slow down on all this confirmation **bleep** every 3rd transaction.  OK, so I have a bank account linked, and everything is good to go.  Except, I'm trying to send money to someone... And PayPal wants me to "confirm" my bank account.  AGAIN.  For the 493rd frigging time.  Seriously, guys, this is just about pushing me past the point of not wanting to use PayPal anymore.


Here is the problem.  To confirm my bank, I need to enter my 'username' and password.  Problem is - I DONT HAVE A DAMN USER NAME!!!!!!!!!


I log into my bank with my email address, and my password.  There is no user name.  So I enter my email in the username field to confirm my bank (again), but the email address is too long.  The field cuts off the last 6 or 7 digits of my email address.  WTF??? I've tried everything, my name, my company name, the half of my email it allows me to use, my phone number... I'm at wits end.  WHAT IS MY FRIGGING USERNAME?  I DONT HAVE A USERNAME FOR MY BANK!!!!!!!!!