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Availability of funds estimate?


Availability of funds estimate?

Hi guys,


Sold an item on Tuesday, dispatched it Wednesday and the chap recieved it yesterday.


Today he left positive feedback so am wondering when my funds will be available off him?


I provided tracking as well so would anyone know roughly?



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Re: Availability of funds estimate?



Ebay and Paypal are 2 separate companies and have 2 separate policies for holding funds for 'new sellers'.
If yours was an Ebay transaction then its an Ebay hold and Ebay authorise when paypal can release the funds.
Feedback does not count for payment release.

Normally for Ebays hold funds are released when tracking shows the item as delivered + 3 days (if you use Ebay / paypal postage).

Info in Ebay links below about Ebays hold.

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