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Automatich withdraw

New Community Member

Automatich withdraw

I have 2 problems related to the last withdraw.
The automatic withdraw didn't work so I had to do it manually so there was a 5$ fee which shouldn't happen.
Also the withdraw was in EGP not in EUR as it should.
So kindly put the 5$ fee in the account balance and also currncy of the account to be EUR to avoid letting any withdraw in the future happening in any other currency.
Kind regards

Esteemed Advisor

Re: Automatich withdraw


As you have not added your country to your profile (so we can see when we hover over your username) or said in your post which country you are in then sadly can't advise.
Paypal varies a great deal country to country so you need to tell us where you are on this worldwide community forum.

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.