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Any department for tracking verification?

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An order was delivered to the customer, it was shipped with UPS and a tracking number is provided. ((We use guest checkout and customers who purchase do not have PayPal accounts to login to and confirm delivery))

The payment is supposed to be released after 1 day of delivery, but it is 4 days now and the payment is not yet released.

I need to contact the department specialised in order tracking, or any department who would help with this issue, since I will need the process to be faster in any future orders.


Any help?


Any department for tracking verification?


Hello @aitta_10,


Thank you for your post and welcome to our Community Help Forum!


I know you're concerned about the fund's availability. Typically, whenever you receive the payment via goods/services you’ll have access to your pending payment after a maximum of 21 days, to ensure a safer and secure environment. If you want to avail the funds on your PayPal account, please check this article to know how to have your funds released sooner. For account-specific questions, I'd recommend reaching out to our Customer Support by clicking on the help and contact option at the bottom of the page on our website. 


I hope this helps,



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