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All of my payments are held for 21 days


All of my payments are held for 21 days

As a new seller on PayPal, I received an email a few months ago saying that all my payments will be held for 21 days. Here is what they said to lift this hold, directly from that email:"For future payments, you can remove the 21-day delay. Please complete the following:


Confirm your identity on PayPal. Log in to PayPal and click See how to get your money faster at the top of the page.

Once you've confirmed your identity, you'll also need to establish a successful selling history. Please do the following: Complete 5 successful sales. Receive at least 150.00 USD in payments for goods. Provide great customer experiences! Follow good selling practices for 60 days."



I met all of the requirements, except I wasn't able to confirm my identity online. It said to call, so I was on the phone with PayPal for more than 3 hours and finally "confirmed" my identity, but it was sketchy. It still doesn't show in my account that my identity has been confirmed.


I'm tired of waiting 21 days to receive my funds. I've added my home address, cell phone number, and social security number. I only have the ONE PayPal account. 


Has anyone else experienced this issue? How have you resolved it?


So far, PayPal email and phone customer support has been a nightmare and a waste of time.