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Adding money without bank account

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Adding money without bank account

You reckon I can walk into a random bank, give them the money and the email and ask them to transfer it to my PayPal wallet? It says I can put money directly into the wallet using 2 methods, Moneypak, which is ancient, and our local bank RHB. However, we don't have Moneypak here, and RHB requires a credit card just to register.

Re: Adding money without bank account



In Malaysia, you can get a prepaid debitcard like MerchantTrade. Pay cash into that through MerchantTrade branches (there’s one at KL Sentral, and another at Pavillion) and link it with your Malaysian PayPal account. The only thing is that you cannot withdraw whatever money you have in your PayPal account if you do not have a bank account linked with it.

Kudos appreciated..
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