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Account balance different to Ebay balance

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Account balance different to Ebay balance

Hi there,


I hope someone can help please?


I have sold quite a few things on Ebay recently and my balance on Ebay says £2423.94, but my balance on PayPal says £1442.49.  Do you know why this would be please?


Many thanks

Esteemed Advisor

Re: Account balance different to Ebay balance



Could be ...


1. Paypals fee is deducted directly from the buyers payment and the remainder is credited to your paypal balance, this is unlike Ebay that take their fee via a monthly invoice.


2. Have you bought anything and paid for it via paypal since the payments should have gone in??
The reason i ask is that if you have funds in your paypal balance and then buy something then paypal will sometimes take from those funds rather than from your normal funding source eg bank account or card.

To check go and click on the word "details" next to any recent paypal buying transaction and see if they were funded from your paypal balance ie buyers payments rather than your normal funding source.


3. Maybe not all your buyers have paid yet?

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