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72 hour review

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72 hour review

I recently used PayPal to cash out bitcoin I had sitting around. I initiated the withdrawal from PayPal to my bank account on 1/8 at 6:36pm. I get an email that it’ll be 24 hours followed by a second email that it’s been put on hold for 72 hours. At exactly 72 hours they finally initiated the withdrawal just to tell me I have to wait ANOTHER 24 hours. Oh what’s that? It’s a Friday? OF COURSE. So now I’ll be waiting until at least Monday for the funds. I can’t wait to finally receive my money after waiting probably close to a week so I can cancel my entire account on this piece of **bleep** website. All they do is hold your money and gain interest with other people’s money. You affect everyone’s lively hood and literally every single post I’ve read indicated ZERO reasoning for such ridiculous review holds. I hope more people decide to close their accounts with this disgusting company.
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Re: 72 hour review


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