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21 DAY HOLD?????????? WHO KNEW!!!!!!


21 DAY HOLD?????????? WHO KNEW!!!!!!

Worst dumpster fire experience of my life so far, selling on ebay is a joke and a scam.  Can anyone confirm that this horrible experience ends with ebay putting a hold on my money for 3 weeks?  I mean, I put an item in the mail today worth $1100 and all I get for 3 weeks is a stiff one in the down side?  Of course they dont put that anywhere until you actually ship the item but hey, thats just how ebay screws the sellers to right?  Do I have any recourse? Can I file a police report in my local jurisdiction when the buyer signs for the item and I have nothing? isnt that theft? Maybe Ebay is using the millions of dollars worth of merchandise constantly flowing around to earn some interest off the hold money?

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Re: 21 DAY HOLD?????????? WHO KNEW!!!!!!



Sorry what does this have to do with Paypal?

Ebay is a totally separate company that 'sometimes' sellers use paypal to accept payments on.

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