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transfer to bank

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Last week, (Thursday or Friday) I initiated a transfer to my bank account. It has been at least five business days since then and the funds have not yet appeared in my bank account. I have my correct bank information set up in Paypal, it works properly, funds have usually moved between my bank and Paypal with no issues until now. In my Paypal account is the message that the transfer has completed, and the dollar amount has been subtracted.  It should have taken only two business days at most, my bank is usually very prompt and efficient at such matters, but so far the funds are not in my bank.

I have also messaged my bank, but being the weekend I don't expect to hear from them until next week. Has anyone else experienced this and can anyone explain why the funds have not yet appeared in my bank account? 

Additionally, can anyone tell me how to escalate this to a Paypal official for resolution?

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