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inactive preapporved payment

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hello every one 

by mistake i have toggled Facebook international button to inactive ...under manage preaproved payments 

right now im unable to pay a transaction in fb  !!! 

i called pp customer support but it seems no one able to help n toggled it manually to active so i can use pp in fb 

they told me to call merchant but in same time fb said it is not our fault we can do nothing ! 

called pp again they said u have problem in ur cc .......

i called my bank but they said the card working 100% 

again back to pp customer support they told me we cant !! 

every time i try to make payment in my fb ad page   i got error " Sorry, we weren’t able to set up preapproved payments at this time"

where the hell can i find someone can help !!! 

i remember in classic old pp its easy to togglee it manually  inactive to active 

thnx every one 

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