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The orders submitted on my website get stuck as "Pending Payment" although the payment is successfully processed  by Paypal and the funds are reaching my Paypal account. Also, the client receives a "pending payment" email rather than a confirmation of the order. 

Does anyone have a solution for this?


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Hi @Gandreius


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This sounds like a website issue. Do the payment appear completed on your PayPal account. I would recommend you contact our Merchant Technical Support team on twitter @PayPal_MTS or alternatively, you can contact them directly through the Technical Support website here https://www.paypal-support.com/On the support website, once you report an issue it will be handed over to an expert who will deal with your specific issues.  





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You can use any Custom Scripts to update order status based on your PayPal payment status.


Luckily, We at AngellEYE has developed a solution to that. What that will do is whenever a payment made through an Express Checkout method ( which is very interactive and user-friendly option PayPal has provided ) hits your PayPal account, an IPN is sent to your WP website through our IPN plugin.


Based on that the script mentioned in the below link would hit a query and Update the woo order status automatically.

So to get those done, you can try to:


  1. Install PayPal for woocommerce plugin
  2. install PayPal IPN for WordPress plugin
  3. add custom script explained on this link

Please give that a shot and Let me know if there will still be a question or concern.



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We also have issues with Pending Payment even if it is successfully processed by PayPal. Do we have a solution for this, please?

We cannot receive an order confirmation and the customers too because it marked as Pending. 


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I had this for ages.  Paid a freelancer who was a small amount of help. Ended up with no real solution.  Found a workaround myself after hours....:

It's actually painfully simple... 

this seems to be an IPN issue that no one understands.  Solution?  Don't use IPN..:

Go to Woocommerce -> Settings -> payments -> paypal and click 'manage' next to it.

Scroll down to under 'receiver email' and you'll see 'Paypal Identity Token'... 

like me, you'll likely have no idea what that is... so clicking the little '?' reveals the following : 

"Optionally enable "Payment Data Transfer" (Profile > Profile and Settings > My Selling Tools > Website Preferences) and then copy your identity token here. This will allow payments to be verified without the need for PayPal IPN."

Now, Paypal have changed the menu layout since then, so its : 

Profile > Account Settings >  Website payments 

then on the right hand side, you'll see the elusive 'website preferences' 

In there, you can get the identity token that woocommerce needs to forget all the IPN stuff and just 'do it'!  Even better, this option lets you take people back to your website to let them know payment is completed, so its a User Experience improvement too.

After weeks of searching, 1 bum freelancer and more digging... finally. 

All sorted here.  Hope it helps you.



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