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What's going on now!?

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PayPal withheld my funds because I'm a new merchant on the site.

Now, after the long days had gone by without me having a slightest clue what's going on with my money -- why it's not showing on my PayPal Ballance area...

AT long last, PayPal gets to let me know it was withheld.

Now, I noticed that since I filled out that little form PayPal said I should fill out (since last week) in order to access my withheld funds, that PayPal said they would inform my paying client about this situation, and ask her to confirm the details of my payment through an email. So that my funds will be available to me.

I have NOT seen any improvement since then.

Did you REALLY inform my paying client about this situation?

Please send a fresh message, and another message on the same topic to her.

I'm tired of this HIGHLY UNNECCESSARY DELAY and set back!

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