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Howdy Y'all. Hey it's Clanswa here. I got me a problem that I think a lot of you other fellas have. Now given, I might be a little slow in the head and all but it seems to me when you sell product you ought to get paid for it and and I don't need a hallway monitor to watch over every movement I make until I've proven I'll give some indication that I'm an unscrupulous character I expect to be treated with some respect. When I go to Jack in The Box and buy me a hamburger I give them $3 first they give me a hamburger.but why is it when I sell something on eBay I give them my stuff and 5 days later I get my money. I should have other people and PayPal community have the same dilemma getting their money. So what I'm suggesting is a class action lawsuit against PayPal who's with me?

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