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Transfers and withdrawals

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An account limitation was placed on my account and subsequently, after they reviewed everything, I was kicked out of paypal. I completed the steps (uploads) that were requested from me and received email confirmation that although I could no longer use their services anymore, I was now able to withdrawl my $60.00 cash balance from the account because the required 180 days were up... That was probably a year ago now and I am STILL unable to withdraw it. I've tried every way possible including linking my bank account and/or debit card, and still only getting the error messages.. So my question is: HOW DO I WITHDRAW MY $60.00? I have sent emails, called... everything to contact someone preferably a human and cannot get anything back except for the same automated message every time. Can someone PLEASE help me?!? 🙏🏻

Transfers and withdrawals

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As you have not added your country to your community profile or said in your post then we can't help (Paypal varies a lot country to country).

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