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Seller Said Paypal asked for refuned the moeny so he banned my account

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i charged with duplicated amount i did a report on paypal then i made contact with my bank to cancel the duplicated amount and they did that so now its clear i just recharged with only 15.99 USD 1 time for 1 item till now its good but after 1 day the seller banned my account on the game that i recharged for saying that i requested to refund all amount and he didn't get any money so where is it the 15.99 USD now ??? can u kindly support me to cancel this transaction and transfer my money back or just send the money to the seller so he active my account again please


That's what seller send to me via-mail [We received the refund application for your account, as you have claimed the 1075 CPs, it is unreasonable to take the money back, please cancel the dispute. Thanks.]

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