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Pending payment disappears (could never cancel) and never got refund. Lost my money

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Okay so I made a transaction on May 23/2020 from what I later found was a sketchy company and my pending payment was pending for exactly 30 days and I was never able to cancel it but once it was June 23/2020, the seller decided to "process" the order and give me a fake email saying the order was being processed despite telling them to cancel it and now I can no longer find that transaction in my paypal summary/activity at all but I did manage to screen cap it so I got the invoice and transaction ID.


It is now July 27/2020 and I never got that money back and I am frustrated. Paypal customer service was no help, I tried calling and I tried the chat. I used my virtual visa card and checked my bank and it was not there. It is also not on my paypal balance. I can't even file a dispute because it's GONE!!!

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