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PayPal Cash Plus Account

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Hi, I have a problem getting the new customer service people to answer a simple question. I want to switch to PayPal Cash Plus Account to have my eBay managed payments deposited. I get them at my regular bank now. they all seem baffled. I simply asked how long it would take to switch over. since I get deposits at least three days a week, I needed to know the answer. they were obviously reading a script and couldn't go off of it. Does anyone have their eBay managed payments go to the PayPal Cash Plus account? And if so, was or is the transition smooth?


PayPal Cash Plus Account


Hello @pabarrick,

Welcome to the PayPal Community! We're glad to have you here. In the past, you could connect your eBay and PayPal accounts to receive payments from your sales. Any payments received would be deposited into your PayPal balance and then could either be spent with other merchants who accept PayPal or you could withdraw the funds to a linked bank account. I am not sure eBay still allows this functionality since they have now introduced their own payment management system. I hope this helps you out!



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