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My employer sent me $100 as a bonus for my 1st year anniversary with their organization. However, I got an email 4 days ago stating that it's pending due to compliance reasons.
I have been using PayPal for over a year now and this is the first time I encountered this problem. I already spoke to multiple chat reps and call center reps and they cannot provide any concrete answers and resolution. I was told different answers that are not helpful and my employer already VERIFIED AND INFORMED ME that they already spoke to the PAYPAL team to provide the additional information that PAYPAL need from them for the funds to be released, yet it was more than 72 hours already and it's still in pending status. I was advised to email compliance transactions at PayPal dot com but to no avail. 
Can someone tell me what to do and what's the resolution? 
FYI - Resolution Center won't let me create a case and the responses that I'm getting from chat and call center reps are all generic answers just asking me to wait. 😠 PS I'm beyond frustrated, unhappy, and furious. In this time of the pandemic, they should stop doing this pending and on-hold b.s

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