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Legal Problems

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Hello Peaple From Paypal My Quistion Is Simple Can You Keep Mony On Your Account On The Paypal Saldo And Leave It On It So Long You Dont Put It On Your Bank Account Or Creditcard Thene Gettin No Problems Whete Out Legal Problems Because I Got Mony From The State Of Belgium Every Month I Live Alone Is It Treu That If I Make Mony Whete Music Pictures Or Videos So Long Its On The Paypal Balace And I Dont Transfer It To My Creditcard Or Bank Account That If It Dont Work Out Whete Music Videos Or Pictures That I Can Transfer Back To The Companys I Make The Mony From Is That Treu Or False Legealy I Dont Lose My Mony From Fod Handicap From The State Of Belgium So Long I Keep It On Paypal Once I Tranfer To Bank Account Or Credit Card Thene I Lose My Fod Hadicap Mony Maybe Is That Treu Or False Proberly I Wanna Keep It On Paypal If I Ever Get Rich Or Lil Bit Thene I Do It Honostly I Wanna Know From Paypal Office If Its Legal Thene Thats All A Simple Quistion I Just Wanna Be Sure Whete Friendly Regards Jimmy Hope I Get A Feedback So Soon As Possible Can You Peaple Ask Around Maybe Talk To Belgium Paypal If Its Ok Thx For Time And Patients

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