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Is my cash on debit card will be deducted..?

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Hello.. please help me..


- I'm trying to make a purchase on a website with my debit card bank ( my bank card has a visa on it ) which has been link to my paypal account , there is two different website selling the same item that i need..

- So I'm trying to purchase it, but i did not put any money yet in my bank account because,, i only put a money in my bank account if i want to buy something online only.

- There's is two website, the first one i would like to cancel the purchase.. I fill all the blanks, until it came to last menu like SHIPPING, PAYMENT and PLACE ORDER and i click place order and make a payment by paypal and it came to paypal menu like TAX, SHIPPING COST, and currency in my place (but my bank account is still empty), in the same time i found the second website is more relevant to me to make a purchase  and i close all the menu on the first website... so i want to cancel the first one and make a real purchase on the second website..


*so my concern is..

If i want to make a real purchase soon on the second website, and i put my cash in my account bank, my question is will paypal deduct money in my bank account because i once tried to make a payment on the first website?


**plese help me.. someone.. i feel so worried and anxious... please...


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