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I cannot set my primary currency to USD

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Is there any way to set my primary currency to USD? I searched and watched some tutorials to set it up, but it fails. 


The solution suggests that I just need to click the "3 dots" besides the currency and set it up to "primary", but the problem was the "3 dots" is not working, it as if the option is dead. No matter how many time clicking it, but none with good results. 

I tried to look in settings and in other menus if I forgot or missed some info to fill in, but still nothing has a good solution.

I already linked in with my "ATM" card, and in Gcash, but still nothing is working right. 

I also closed my previous accounts and made a new one, but still have the same problem.


Is there any other way to solve this? I just need to set the primary currency to USD as it requires my online job to set it. 

I asked to my friends who were just recently made some accounts in Paypal, and yet they can successfully change the currency.


What's wrong with my account? Please help me and enlighten me. Thank you very much.

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