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Hello I have a question. Friends & Family send me $$.Usually I don't have any problems I get the $ right away but 4/5 times when friends sent me $ they put it on hold & I have to wait 21 days to receive it. I don't have a business I don't & have ever sold anything so I don't understand why they keep doing this. What can I do to get my money now & so it doesn't happen anymore. Thank You


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Because your friends are using the wrong option to send the funds to you.

Its down to how the payment was SENT to an account.

1. If sent using money > goods / services option then paypal would see the recipient as a seller and apply the new seller hold. They would also charge a fee.

2. If sent using the send money > family / friends option then the recipient would have the payment instantly (as long as it wasn't an echeque pending with a clearance date) with no fee if funded from a bank account or balance (a fee if you use a card). 

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