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HSBC net - issue transferring money to PayPal

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Hi there

I'm hoping someone can help me with a problem that I have in transferring money to my PayPal account from my HSBC net account. Unfortunately, whenever I try to do this the money is returned and I believe it is to do with the PayPal sort code (23-52-62). Does anyone know if the sort code is strictly a UK bank account? I use the exact information as displayed in the transfer money section on PayPal, including customer reference. I have spoken to HSBC and they have advised that we need an IBAN and BIC combination in order to make this transfer, which of course is not available. We are able to make the transfer to PayPal from HSBC Business Internet Banking, though sadly we are getting rid of this as a business and will solely use HSBC NET. 


Appreciate any help or advice anyone can offer 🙂

Many thanks

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