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Depop paypal confusion

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Hi! So I just sold my first two items on depop woohoo! But I am very confused with paypal. My first sales payment is on hold and it says that I will receive the money within one day of shipping which is fine. My second items payment was received in my paypal, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to move that to my bank account. When I asked an agent they said the first payment needs to be confirmed and the second payment was used for the transaction and I have no idea what that means. Both of those payments were paid to me and I can't get why I can't transfer it to my bank. When I look up solutions online it's telling me to go places or click links that aren't showing on my account. I'm really confused and frustrated and hope this makes sense. Basically, I can't transfer my payments to my bank account.


Depop paypal confusion

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New seller hold isn't for x1 transaction, its goes on until paypal feel that you have built up a reasonable seller reputation.


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