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Can't withdraw my money - seems to be known issue they refuse to acknowledge

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This is ridiculous. I have used Paypal for almost 15 years back in my eBay selling days in college, I even had the mastercard for it. I never had such issues before but now I can't transfer my money - first it was that it didn't want to accept one account I was trying to add (a large national bank), so I opened a new bank account at another large national bank, and verified it in order to get my money out (that's crazy) and it still won't let me transfer my money! Just says, "can't right now, there's a problem" It's been over a week dealing with this issue. Give me my money, Paypal! I will never use Paypal after this. As soon as I can get my money out of it, I'll close my account and be done with it.

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