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Been over a week and still no money after transferring to bank!

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Hey Everyone!


 Ok here is my issue. I have paypal and paypal prepaid MasterCard. When ever i get money to my paypal account i transfer it right over to my card being on the website there is a option to transfer your balance over to card. Never had a issue always works instantly.


        On 3/16 i got $50 from my grandmother for my birthday it was NOT pending it was in my paypal balance. I try to transfer it using the "Transfer to card option" and that was not working kept giving me a error so i went to and saw that month ago i sent the same amount of $50 to my paypal prepaid card and under that transaction there was a "Repeat this transaction" i clicked that confirmed amount and it said sent came right out of my paypal balance and everything. Well we are over a week now and still no money on my card i called the card company (Bankcorp Bank aka paypalprepaid)  10 thousands times they tell me to call paypal i call paypal and they say to call the card!  I have sent money to my card after this and it works! All of my transfers to card on the bottom of the transaction file it has a "Invoice ID #" well for the transaction that i haven't gotten yet it does NOT have a invoice id!  Please HELP!!! thank you!


Been over a week and still no money after transferring to bank!

Meganramos1990: I also experienced this on the 15th of April. Spent all day being bounced back and forth between PayPal Prepaid and because I received an email telling me that my transfer went to Bancorp Bank when I do the repeat transaction I changed the amount it went from 1695 to $100 because I was having the error issue also and previously I was able to transfer money to my prepaid card also no issues now I have two different transaction numbers I have the transaction number that was actually given to me when the repeat transaction was done and then a transaction number that actually gave me I tried calling Bancorp Bank didn't get anywhere their automated system actually bounced me back to PayPal I still haven't been able to figure out where any of this is I have a transaction number from when the transaction was completed I have a transaction number that gave me but in the meantime I'm still sitting here trying to figure out where my hundred dollars went since it's considered lost money because nobody has any idea it just magically transfer somewhere and I don't know where it went to Cloud 9 because that's how is making me feel and prepaid PayPal and I did have somebody on prepaid PayPal that was asking me if I did the same transaction and when I was trying around the middle of talking to her I got disconnected so she had an idea of what I did wrong but I couldn't get back to her and unfortunately PayPal has it that if you get disconnected that person does not call you back so you have to sit there and go back through the automated system feedback on hold again for anywhere from an hour to two hours or spend all day being bounced around until you find that person that had an idea what issue was

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