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Bank account name and Paypal name '' doesn't match '' despite using a joint bank account

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I wanted to transfer my Paypal money to my bank account but it was reversed and sent back to my Paypal, I received an email because it was '' invalid bank account information '' I already had my bank verified, the bank account name is called  ''[Insert Sister's full name] and [ My full name ]'' But it was still denied,  I still have the problem despite my bank account being joint to begin with nonetheless, I'm trying to make a new solo bank account for this sole purpose, will it be alright if my bank account has my full name and Paypal name is only first and last name? since I also have  a second name and middle name.


TLDR: Going to make a new solo bank account, bank requires full name and my paypal only has my first and last name, will that cause trouble to the point i won't be able to send my Paypal money to bank?

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