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Bank Account Closed???

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So a few days ago, I made a few purchases with PayPal as normal. Later that day I got some notifications from PayPal saying that they were unable to deduct funds from my bank account, because my bank said the account was "closed." To cover my purchases, they deducted it from my wallet, and I now have a negative balance. I contacted my bank and they said they have no idea why PayPal would say that, since my account is very much active as normal. I've reached out to PayPal twice via e-mail, though have yet to hear back, and I'm unable to call directly since I'm abroad until August.


I'm wondering if I set off some anti-fraud alert because I made two very similar purchases from the same vendor within 5 minutes of each other (first for $5, then for $10), and then a larger purchase (a little under $40) that same day. My bank said they only received a transaction request for the $5 purchase, not the other two.


I have no idea why this might've happened, and while I managed to re-link my bank account, I got another notification from PayPal today saying they un-linked my bank again, even though I didn't make any purchases since re-linking it. I don't really know what to do, or why this happened, or anything.


Additionally, while trying to add funds to my wallet, I was asked to provide my personal information along with my SSN (like proof of it, e.g. the actual SSN card itself or a government document with it--not just my digits)--which I feel somewhat uncomfortable doing. By somewhat I mean very. I haven't heard of anyone else having to do this.

Any help on this matter or thoughts of what to do next would be greatly appreciated.





Bank Account Closed???

I have had this happen to me twice now. What’s more interesting is that my bank stated that PayPal didn’t even TRY to pull the money out. Sounds like a glitch. One happened to me back in September and again just this morning! This is absurd and ridiculous.

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