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trying to understand my rolling reserve


trying to understand my rolling reserve

My paypal is on rolling reserve after my business started picking up increased revenues.



When I click more info it says 

"Minimum reserve: 50% will be held in your account until $13,926.00 USD is reached."


I figure after 14k is reached the funds will be all available. now i am at 15k balance and it is all witheld from me.  


When do I get to use this money??  something tells me they will keep it hostage for months.  Also why cant I have access to the money after the 13,926$ balance is reached?


replies clearing this up would be apprecaited.


Re: trying to understand my rolling reserve

Hi Unfairpractices,


I'm sorry to hear that there is a need for a minimum reserve balance on your account. I'd be happy to shed some light on what to expect.


Once the minimum reserve amount is met, the funds from your subsequent payments should be fully available to you as they come in. The funds in the reserve balance remain held for the lifetime of the account.


To learn more about reserves, please take a look here:


I hope this helps!




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Re: trying to understand my rolling reserve

Hi Olivia, I was asked by PayPal to provide my tax ID but I don't sell anything even though it looks like it from my account because I get reimbursed by sellers after I purchase their products​ to try. Will the reimbursed payments to be reported to the IRS? How do I deal with this? Sorry for asking here. This is my first time asking a question in the forum and I don't know how to start a new thread.