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Slowness of transactions - kind of an insult

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Slowness of transactions - kind of an insult

So I have a "PENDING" payment on my Paypal Credit Screen.  It is a bit of a joke because it has been PENDING for 4 days, and CLEARED MY BANK 3 days ago.  SO I know PayPal has their money.  I've noticed this when transferring out of PP too.  Slower than heck.   As a programmer who worked with a Creamery I know how transactional finance works and believe me PP is making a lot of money just on daily interest holding others money.  So the longer it takes, the better for them.


The problem is, on the other side, people look at PP in a less than favorable view.  Case in point.  Comenity Bank, the minute you make a payment it is posted to your account.  I suppose if your not responsible and it bounces or they have an issue, you're account may go on a delay, but for someone with good credit and is responsible, this several day delay on PP is obnoxious.  


Re: Slowness of transactions - kind of an insult