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Scam, allowing scammers..


Scam, allowing scammers..

Welllll, I sold some season tix (vikings/saints) playoff tix, to a "Jason Crews" many weeks ago. Last sat. Paypal informs me a "Marc Alex", a man I never heard of, with a email, I never seen before, said I owed him the money. Within 3 days of his claim, paypal just said, "ok", and gave him the money back. I gave paypal all the proof that I did nothing wrong and even paid the extra 20 dollars for buyer protection. Now I'm told I have to pay this money back. I don't know if Marc Alex was in on this scam, or if he was hacked, but paypal needs to take some responsibility and pride over these transactions. I don't know how I can trust this site ever again unless its with people I know personally. Has this happened to anyone else out there?

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Re: Scam, allowing scammers..



Sounds as if the person you had to re-pay had had his paypal account hacked and filed a dispute for an unauthorised transaction.

If that was the case then of course he had to be re-paid BUT you would have been reimbursed if you had met ALL the requirements of seller protection.

Unfortunately it sounds as if you are selling virtual / digital items and as such there is zero seller protection, you can sell them but at your own risk.

And you don't 'pay' for seller protection its a given if you are covered.

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Re: Scam, allowing scammers..

I don't believe vikings tickets are a "digital service". These seats/tickets were verified products of Vikings Ticket Exchange. Regardless, paypal should have given the dispute more then 3 days to resolve the case, and did they even bother to confront or delete "jason Crews"? The guy who sent me the money in the first place? As far as I know, this scam artist is still out there doing this.